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United Nations

Who are we?

The Quix initiative is a student-led Initiative, with the holy grail of empowering the youth's intellect by letting them rewrite the past or venture through the future based on our current present viability. The Quix initiative seeks to enhance individuals to have their finest, most innovative, patching, and visionary limits by pushing them through an experience never seen before.

Quix initiative sprouted from a realization that the world is plagued by recurring challenges and persistent issues that remain unresolved. It became apparent that society often overlooks the valuable lessons of history and fails to adequately plan for a sustainable future.

Image by The New York Public Library

“The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results”

- Albert Einstein

After numerous meetings, brainstorming sessions, and an immense amount of effort from our passionate team, we are excited to announce the upcoming commencement of QuixMUN. QuixMUN will serve as the flagship event of the Quix initiative, promising an immersive and transformative experience for all participants. It will be a model United Nations conference like no other, stimulating possible outcomes for all past-present-future issues.

United Nations

What is QuixMUN?

QuixMUN aims to revolutionize the thought process of young minds, fostering critical thinking, innovative problem-solving, and a deep understanding of the complexities of global issues in the past-present-future Through intensive research, diplomatic negotiations, and engaging debates, delegates will be challenged to craft comprehensive and forward-thinking solutions for the pressing challenges of our time.

QuixMUN also aspires to make a tangible difference in the world. It seeks to extend support to marginalized communities, both in the past and present, by addressing historical injustices and current disparities. The initiative aims to actively contribute to the well-being of society by succoruring and assisting the minority sectors in all past-present-future, being of service to the wellbeing of society, aiding and abetting the depraved nations and Coming to aid of the world before it’s too late.

The Quix initiative and its flagship event, QuixMUN, represent a visionary approach to empower youth, rewrite history, and shape a brighter future. It is a testament to the power of young minds coming together, driven by a shared commitment to making the world a better place. Through its immersive experiences, innovative thinking, and the dedication of its team, QuixMUN stands as a beacon of hope, inspiring individuals to believe in their ability to create positive change and to act before it's too late.

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