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The Quix Team

Allow us to introduce the exceptional individuals who form the backbone of Quix.

Our team is a diverse group of talented members each contributing their unique skills, expertise, and unwavering passion dedicated to drive Quix towards success


President of Quix

Omar Lamey

whats a day without a voluptuous cup of iced coffee

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Secretary General


Areej, a STEM student at RIT, is known for her sweet and empathetic nature, making her approachable and understanding. Her keen interest in public speaking and poetry reflect her diverse pastimes. She looks forward to welcoming everyone to QuixMUN and building meaningful connections.

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Deputy Secretary General


Sana ataalla is a senior and the current president of al Zuhour Private school, she hopes to pursue an education and career in international relations, whilst debating and MUN is her passion, she also enjoys reading and practicing all sort of sports, sana is a current media member of Quixmun and awaits all the excitement that follows within

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Under Secretary General


Vedant is a student at Gems Founders School, Al Barsha. Alongside being a very competent athlete and guitarist, Vedant is also an extremely vicious and dominating MUN-er winning most of the conferences he's delegated and has chaired multiple committees at a vast variety of MUN's, which by QUIMUN's high standards makes him the perfect fit for USG.

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Head of Delegate Affairs

Laith Labib

Leith Labib is a student from Dubai Carmel school and is in his senior year of attendance, he is planning on majoring in chemistry when he graduate's school. When he is not busy studying he enjoys  practicing writing stories and learning how to draw. Leith Labib is currently a member of QuixMUN and is working hard with his partners to see it happen.

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Head of Human Relations

Pranav Nair

Pranav is a final year high school student studying commerce. A friendly, enthusiastic and joyful person, who is also a fan of politics and history. He also has a deep interest in films & photography. In his free time, you will find him binge watching Modern Family or The Office. He is very excited to meet you all during the MUN and hopes to make new friends along the way!

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Head of Finances

Mohammed Elsir

My intuition is telling me there’ll be better days

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Head of Marketing


An individual with a great interest in the realm of Model United Nations and a love for creating captivating designs. With a good eye for diplomacy and aesthetics, she adds originality and precision to her work.

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