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A past agenda in QuixMUN will allow participants to step into the shoes of diplomats and leaders who shaped our world in times gone by. By simulating historical moments, QuixMUN delegates gain a profound appreciation for the intricacies of the past and the challenges faced by previous generations.


Whether it's discussing the aftermath of World War I or the Cuban Missile Crisis that tested the world's nerve, these agendas offer an immersive journey into the past. You'll have the chance to debate and negotiate as if you were a part of the events that changed the world.

Delegates must navigate intricate negotiations, build alliances, and craft persuasive arguments while staying true to the historical context. These experiences foster critical thinking, effective communication, and the art of compromise.

How does the ‘past agenda' concept work?

Delegates will be given a historical agenda, along with a set of rules which will encourage them to rewrite the past with full and complete authenticity based upon their knowledge and understanding of the event and their country back then.

What is the goal behind the past committee?

QuixMUN hopes to create a unique sense of camaraderie among delegates. Participants collaborate  intensively, engaging in passionate discussions in order to be prepared to be future leaders. It also sharpens the delegates international relations, problem solving, and creative skills by puting themselves in the shoes of a country in the past century.

Venturing through the Past

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