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Rewrite the World with your voice at QuixMUN.

Venture through the Past,
or Travel into the Future.

Experience the debate from all perspectives,
QuixMUN will feature agendas from the Past, the Present, and the Future.


Take a step back in time and experience events that impact our modern life, by taking the role as a delegation from one of the countries of the past.

With a past agenda, you will be able to rewrite history and shape it with how you desire it to be.

Take a step forward into the future as you embark on a journey that pushes your skills to new limits, immersing yourself in various topics ranging from the intergalactic war to AI vs Humanity, taking on the role of a country facing unprecedented events in the distant future

With the unpredictability of the future, the fate of your country depends wholly on how creative and imaginative you can be.

Register for QuixMUN today!

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